Working at Height

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Working at Height


Working at height is one of the most dangerous tasks within the industry which is why we only use the best performing equipment.

Climbing Edge Protection – With high rise concrete structures becoming more common we have chosen to heavily invest in the latest Climbing Edge Protection from HARSCO. The system is second to none and provides an absolute safe working environment for our workforce and for everyone else below them. This system is an excellent example of our ‘right equipment for the task’ approach, which both our workforce and clients appreciate.

Edge Protection – For all working at height we own and use K-GUARD edge protection barriers. This proprietary system is designed to work in tandem with our formwork system and suits all structures.

Alsina Fall Arrest – All operatives working on the leading edge will use harnesses and be attached to the Alsina Fall Arrest system, commonly referred to as a ‘hang man’. We believe this approach to fall arrest it the best solution on the market and also provides great mobility for the operatives using it.

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